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No problems

I had no problems watching this wonderful animation. I'm not surprised it made front page with the nice artistic detail, funny audio, and just being enjoyable overall. Keep up the great work and hopefully we'll see more animations like this coming from your direction. I'll be happy to give them 5/5's and 10/10's just the same.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

P.S: I hardly even have a graphics card, and I had no trouble at all with the animation.


That was truly amazing from the high detail graphics in the intro to the great comedy throughout. That was absolutely hilarious. I hope you make another episode even though I don't know how you're gonna top this masterpiece. Lol



This art style isn't seen often here on Newgrounds, and I hope it doesn't leave. The animation was short, but down to the point. Fun and inviting, the audio wasn't great but the humor made up for it. I'm no profound artist or animator, at least not yet, so my opinion may fall between the cracks but I think this is some decent work ya got there.

Good luck with any future animations you make....and watch how my review gets called "useless" even though it's far from it.

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This game is simple but a lot of fun and oddly addicting. I enjoyed it and I liked the style. I hope this game gets some medals in it to! Keep up the great work.


You get one star because it looks nice. But the game just doesn't work, no questions come up and before when they did. The answers were 'correct' answers were wrong.

Now, every questions is "undefined" alongside every answer, in which there isn't a right answer. Preloader doesn't appear to work either.

Very nice

I liked every last part of this game. The sound effects, the animation, the art, everything, especially the story and the way the game is set-up so you can never win. There was a glitch or two I found because I saw soldiers appearing in the video clip after you die, also sound effects that do not belong seem to continue.

I lasted 83 hours so far. I'm yet to see any highscores, I check thed site but nothing appears. Oh well I guess. Good game! :D

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Joy for my ears

What can I honestly say about this that you don't already know? I can't say perfect but if we want to define anything directly below perfection then this is it, this song. I could listen to it again and again for days straight.

Honestly a joy for my ears as they pulsate to easily some of the best beats I have ever heard. The rhythm, the bass, the lyrics take this song and place it just where it should be...on my personal play-list and MP3 player.

5/5, favorited, and of course 10/10!

Exotec responds:

thank you very much!! i appreciate the good words, thx for the support :)


I thought it was nice, and you appear to be in the same position as myself. I'm just starting out with FL Studio myself. Good luck to yeah.

My favorite song

This is still my personal favorite. I love the music Linkin Park makes and you did well in makes this, lets say remix. Keep up the great work.

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Really nice detail and nice rain effect. Shading and perspective is also awesome. Keep up the great work!

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